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Major Mulch Installations is Florida's premier mulch blowing and mulch installation company

Does your landscape need a fresh application of mulch to enhance your curb appeal? If so, this is a great time to have Major Mulch Installations freshen up your landscape with a new application of our custom cypress blend, rustic mini pine bark nuggets, or our stylish red mulch. We are an Orlando mulch installation company serving the entire Central Florida area an beyond!

Major Mulch Installations is widely regarded in the landscape and mulch industry as the most professional and reliable blow-on mulch installation company in Florida. Because Major Mulch Installations is the industry's technological leader in mulch installation, your projects are mulched quickly and efficiently with state-of-the-art mulch blowing trucks. As a result, your landscape is given a very elegant, finished look - something that is extremely difficult to obtain by hand spreading the material. Nothing compares to the beautiful look and results of a project mulched by Major Mulch Installations.

Call Major Mulch Installations today at (407) 291-9895 to schedule your next mulch delivery & installation. There are no minimums for the Central Florida area. Whether you need a couple yards of mulch or a couple thousand yards of mulch we have you covered. When you think of your next Orlando mulch project, there is only one company that comes to mind - Major Mulch Installations.

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