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About Major Mulch Installations

MAJOR MULCH INSTALLATIONS is "Florida's premier mulch blowing and mulch installation company." Since our inception in 1999, Major Mulch Installations has been dedicated to providing superior service and the highest quality mulch products to all of our customers throughout the state of Florida.

We service a large variety of projects such as: Apartments, Condominiums, Business Centers, Hotels, Homeowner Associations, Shopping Centers, Resorts, Playgrounds, Municipalities, Athletic Fields, Golf Courses, Parks, Roadways, Individual Homes and Special Events.

Major Mulch Installations mulch blowing trucks provide you with the most innovative and efficient way to install mulch in your landscape. Save yourself time and hard work by having Major Mulch Installations freshen up your landscape with a new application of mulch.

Our state-of-the-art mulch blowing system allows us to spread large amounts of mulch in a fraction of the time, saving you time and energy. As a result of using our mulch blowing service, your landscape is given a very elegant, finished look – something that is extremely difficult to achieve by hand spreading the material.

Our Company

Major Mulch Installations has been serving the greater Central Florida area for over 14 years. Based in Orlando, Florida, we specialize in mulch blowing services for commercial, residential, playground, and municipal use.

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