FAQ/ Answers To Many Commonly Asked Questions

Why choose to have your mulch blown in?

Choosing to have your mulch blown in has several advantages over traditional methods such as spreading it by hand, using a wheelbarrow, or using a pitch fork.

  • Mulch vastly improves the curb appeal of your landscape.
  • Mulch eliminates the big pile of mulch in your driveway or parking lot.
  • Mulch allows you to duplicate your efforts.
  • Blower installation saves your back and other muscles from continued strain.
  • We can apply mulch in difficult to reach areas.
  • We save you time, money, and effort.
  • We attain a very elegant and uniform look.
What are some benefits of having mulch in the landscape?
  • Mulch acts as a natural weed barrier.
  • Mulch helps the soil retain moisture.
  • Mulch adds nutrients to the soil as it breaks down.
  • Mulch aides in reducing soil erosion, movement or loss
What is the cost of blow-in mulch?

All jobs are quoted by the cubic yard and the price includes material, installation, and any mulch related clean-up. Call us now for a quote at 407-291-9895.

How do I prepare my beds to be mulched?

It is best to hand pull or spray your weeds with a post-emergent weed killer prior to installation. It is also recommended to remove leaves and other loose debris if necessary. We will install the mulch into your beds however you have prepared them.

How much mulch will we need?

You can use our mulch calculator to get an approximate amount of material you will need.

How long will the mulch last?

On average mulch will last 9-15 months if put down at a 2-3 inch depth. Other factors include runoff, foot traffic, and location placement.

How far will the mulch blowing hose reach?

We carry approximately 200' of hose on the trucks. We can reach areas in excess of 300'.

Should I put a weed fabric down in my beds before you mulch?

We don't think it is necessary to install a weed fabric in your beds. It's really your personal preference. If our mulch is applied at the 2-3" depth, it should give the same great weed control.

Does mulch blowing make a big mess?

When we finish the mulch installation, we clean-up all the areas using a backpack blower. We recommend turning your irrigation off 24 hours before the application so the mulch doesn't stick to the wet plants or wet sidewalk.

Do I need to rake the mulch when you are finished?

No. We will apply the mulch in a very uniform and even manner.

What will the finished mulch job look like?

Your landscape is given a very elegant, smooth, and finished looked – something that is extremely difficult to obtain by hand spreading the material.

Is there a mulch minimum for the blow-in service?

No. Our mulch price for blow-in mulch is a variable rate depending on the quantity your site needs.

What depth do you apply mulch?

We recommend 2-3" in depth as a general rule.

Do I have to remove old mulch before new mulch is installed?

No. There is no need to remove the old mulch before the new application. The old mulch will continue to break down under the new application of mulch.

How long does the color enhanced mulch retain its color?

Color enhanced mulch will hold its color for a good six months or longer before it starts to show some fading.

Will blow-in mulch hurt my plants?

No. Our specially trained installers work carefully when applying mulch around delicate plants in the landscape to get the best results.

Do I need to be at the jobsite or at home when the job is being performed?

No. We will follow the instructions that we have agreed upon prior to the start of the job.

What type of projects does Major Mulch Installations service?

Apartments, Condominiums, Business Centers, Hotels, Homeowner Associations, Shopping Centers, Resorts, Playgrounds, Parks, Roadways, Golf Courses, Ball Fields, Residential Homes, and Special Events to name a few.

Why choose Major Mulch Installations?
  • We specialize in mulch installation.
  • We are fully licensed and insured.
  • We provide free estimates.
  • We have a professional, experienced, and uniformed staff.
  • We provide excellent service.
  • We offer the best prices and best products.
  • It's fast, beautiful, and affordable.
What is a cubic yard of mulch?

A cubic yard of mulch is 27 cubic feet which breaks down to 3' wide by 3' long by 3' tall. A cubic yard of mulch covers a 10' x 10' area approximately 3" deep.

How many two cubic foot bags of mulch is equivalent to one yard of mulch?

Thirteen and one-half two cubic foot bags of mulch is equivalent to one yard of mulch.

How many three cubic foot bags of mulch is equivalent to one yard of mulch?

Nine three cubic foot bags of mulch is equivalent to one yard of mulch .

Mulch Installation Using Mulch Blowing Trucks

Our blow in mulch installation service is fast, easy, and economical. By using a mulch blowing truck, Major Mulch Installations is able to quickly spread mulch over any area in a neat, uniform fashion in a fraction of the time of laying mulch by hand. With mulch blowing we can apply mulch to difficult to reach areas saving you time, money, and effort. All of our jobs are quoted by the cubic yard. Use our mulch calculator to find out how much mulch you will need, or contact us now for a quote.

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